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1、完形填空词汇1. “看” :look; see; watch; observe; notice; catch sight of; stare; glare; glance; glimpse; see a film; watch TV;2. “说” :telll sth to sb.=tell sb sth; talk with sb about sth; say sth; speak in English; whisper sth to sb; inform sb of sth; reason /talk/persuade sb into doing sth; bargain; cha; re

2、pea; explain; warn; remind; discuss; debate; figure; declare; claim; mention; admit; deny; describe; announce; introduce; complain3. “叫” :cry; call; shout; scream; moan; sigh; quarrel4. “问” :ask; interview; express; question5. “答”:answer; respond; reply6. “听”:listen to; hear; pick up; overhear7. “笑”

3、:smile; laugh; burst into laughter; burst out laughing8. “哭”:cry; shed tears; weep; sob; burst into tears /burst out crying9. “吃/喝” :eat/drink; sip; have a meal; have supper; toast; taste; treat sb to; help oneself to10. “穿” :put on; wear; have on; be dressed in; make-up; get changed; be in red; tak

4、e off ; remove11. “行” :walk ; run ; climb; jump; skip; slip; come/go; enter; move; drive; ride; fly; crawl12. “坐” :sit down; be seated; seat oneself; take a seat/ stand; lean13. “睡/休息” :lie /on ones back/on one side/ on ones stomach; stay in bed; have a rest; take a nap; be asleep; bend; turn over;

5、rest14. “写” :dictate; write sth; describe; drop a line; draw; take down/write down15. “拿/放”: take; bring; hold; carry; fetch; lif; put; lay; pull; push16. “抓” :take hold of; seize; grasp; scratch17. “打” :hit; beat; strike; blow; attack18. “扔” :throw; drop; fall; wave; shake19. “送” :send; deliver; gi

6、ve; offer; see off20. “摸/抱” :ouch; fold; embrace; hug; hold; in ones arms21. “踢/碰” :kick; knock; tip22. “找/查” :find; look for; find out; discover/explore; hunt for; search for seek / seek for in search of; search sb; search sp. for sth; check; examine; test; inspect23. “得” :get; obtain; acquire; gai

7、n; possess24. “失” :lose; be lost /be missing; gone; great loss25. “有” :have; own; conquer; occupy =possess26. “无” :nothing left; the remaining thing; disappear; be missing /gone27. “增/减” :rise / go up /drop; raise; bring down /reduce; increase/decrease28. “买/卖” :buy; purchase; afford; pay; pay off ;

8、 pay for; sell; on sale; bargain; bill / cheque / cash/credit card/notes/coins; discounts29. “存在/消失” :come into being; exist; appear; survive ; live; show; turn up; disappear; die; die out; pass away; be out of sight30. “变化” :develop; improve ; become; grow; go+ bad /wrong/ sour /without( negative a

9、dj.) turn + colour; change /change into; reform31. “成功/失败” :make it; succeed; make progress; come true; realize ones dream; win; lose; fail to do; defeat; suffer loss; beat; turn sth. into reality32. “努力” :try /manage; make efforts; attempt ; do ones best; do as much as one can to do33. 祝贺:congratul

10、ate sb. on sth.; celebrate; observe; get together34. 敬佩:admire; respect; show respect for/to; adore; envy /be jealousy35. 赞美/批评:praise; think highly of; blame sb for sth; sb is to blame; criticize /scold sb. for sth.; have a low opinion of sb; speak ill of36. 喜/恶:like; love; be fond of ; be keen on;

11、 be crazy about; adore; be into; prefer; enjoy; dislike hate; ignore37. 到达:arrive at; reach; return to; get to; stay in sp.; visit; leave; leave for38. 受伤:hurt ; injure; wound; cut; kill; drown; bleed; get burnt; suffer from; suffer a loss39. 损坏:damage; destroy; ruin; break down; crash; be broken40.

12、 修复: repair; rebuild; restore; fix; recover oneself41. “认识的过程” :feel; sense; guess; suppose; wonder; doubt; know /learn realize understand remember; be familiar with; recall; recite; apply to42. 认为;判断:think; believe; consider; find; feel; conclude; infer; doubt43. 想/考虑:think ofas; think about; consi

13、der; think over44. 支持/反对:agree; disagree; accept; receive; refuse; turn down; be against; elect; vote for/ against45. 花费:sth/doing sth+cost; sb+spend+ in doing sth; sb+afford +n/to do sth ; It +takes/took some time/ money/energy to do sth; sb pay some money for sth.46. 省/存钱:save /save up; set aside;

14、 put away; spare no effort/ time47. 参加:take part in; join /join in; attend; compete in/ for/against48. 控告:accuse sb. of; charge sb. with49. 救治/帮助: help /help out; save /rescue sb from sth.; treat; cure sb. of sth; aid sb in doing sth / to do sth; help sb with sth assist sb in doing sth50. 逃避:run awa

15、y; escape from; flee; hide51. 阻止/禁止:prevent / keep/ stop sb. from doing sth; forbid doing sth.; ban; prohibit52. 对付/处理:handle / do with / deal with /tackle /overcome sth ; solve; settle53. 效仿:copy; imitate; learn from; learn54. 爆发/发生:come about; happen to; take place; break out; burst out; go off; e

16、xplode55. 安装/装备:fasten; fix; set; equip; be armed with; be equipped with56. 追求:pursuit; ran after; seek after; chase; catch up with; keep up with57. 建议:advise; suggest; recommend; propose; urge; demand; persuade58. 打算:plan / intend / design to do; be going to do /be about to do /will do59. 似乎/好象:see

17、m; appear; look like/ as if /as though60. 开办/关闭:open; start; set up; close/close up; end; close down名词类:1假期vacation holiday spring break ask for leave be on holiday have two days off2旅游 trip journey tour voyage travel tourist passenger go camping/picnicking/hiking3职务人员 clerk secretary passer-by frie

18、nd minister manager waitress guest host hostessAssistant customer adult neighbor relative patient /vet staff crew nurse teacherConductor tailor sailor inventor gardener guard4餐馆/定餐/就餐 inn restaurant kitchen menu bill order tip fork and knife reserve /book table Taste delicious salad dash vegetables

19、fruit tray napkin5诊所/看病/服药 clinic hospital take ones temperature take medicine/pills have a fever/flu/headache doctor physician surgeon specialist patient6车站/机场 airport on board miss the train/bus catch a train meet sb.7身体部位 arm head hair brain waist back shoulder pulse wrist8意志 will courage patienc

20、e determination faith effort confidence ambition energy9才能/品质 talent gift ability potential intelligent promising smart stupid careful proudStrict honest cold serious easy-going learned knowledgeable10优缺点 advantage disadvantage strength weakness11目标 aim goal intention purpose belief faith12方式 means

21、method way manner approach13身体素质 strong weak pale sick ill be well keep slim/ fit cut weight/put on weight14图表 photo picture graph drawing table line/bar graph pie chart draw a sketch 划草图15文章 reading translation essay poem paper novel/fiction article magazine newspaper journal 日志 diary日记 Files form

22、make a list of16课堂class course lecture example reason message notes words phrase scholarship degreeSubject question trouble difficulty grades read comment marks17 学校活动 match game activity hold a meeting /debate /speech/ ceremony18建议/观点 advice suggestion idea proposal view recommandation19气候/天气 clima

23、te weather storm windy cloudy rainy snow hot/cold/freezing/heat/warmth20交通 by train/bus /boat bike on the train/bus /a bike drive a car ride a bikegive sb. a lift/ride21习惯 habit custom get used to regular有规律的(形容词) practice惯例(名词)22感觉 sight hearing touch smell sense23情感 feeling emotion anger delight s

24、adness sorrow24 财富 money possessions wealth belongings fortunes treasure diamond be rich/well-off25 运动比赛 on the playground on the track and filed pitch event game match sports player Coach judge jogging weightlifting play volleyball/soccer/26衣服 clothes, cloth, clothingclothes统指各种衣服,谓语动词永远是复数, cloth指

25、布,为不可数名词 clothing 服装的总称,指一件衣服用a piece of, an article of27事件 incident, accident incident指小事件, accident指不幸的事故形容词类1人的各种感受乐happy delighted to ones joy pleased amused 令人愉快的物 pleasant悲 sad unhappy painful bitter平静 calm quiet silent/still peaceful烦bother bored be fed up with震惊 surprised astonished shocked

26、/amazed怕 in fear be frightened /scared /afraid失望desperate disappointed hopeless be depressed满意be satisfied with /be content to do生气 Annoyed angry disgusting burst into rage2 表程度的副词类narrowly/ Nearly/ almost hardly/ hard extremely/ very very/ quiteAccidently/ once in a while occasionaly/ once far / by

27、 farFarther/ further better/ worse be well/ good however/ therefore/so/thus07 36. A. shapes B. dressedC. flowers D. pictures37. A. fun B. workC. effort D. progress38. A. Besides B. OtherwiseC. However D. Therefore39. A. new B. liveC. foreign D. narching40. A.mean B. needC. accept D. believe41 A. lea

28、d B. serveC. afford D. form42. A. good B. clearC. useful D. easy43. A. look B. behaviorC. mind D. word44. A. schedule B. situationC. view D. action45. A. possibility B.concernC.decision D. chance46. A. call B. findC. carry D. point47. A. admintted B. repliedC. apolpgized D. announced48. A. knowledge

29、 B.instructionC. opinion D. information49. A. On B. ForC. By D. During50. A. trust B. moneyC. support D. care51. A. results B. noticesC. questions D. examples52. A. welcomed B. wantedC.defended D. invited53. A. task B. businessC. exercise D. duty54. A. showed B. wroteC. broke D. read55. A.amusing B. interestingC. exciting D. amazing08 36. A. take B. discuss C. cover D. get37. A. s


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